Jun 05, 2018

Make sure that your devices are on and nearby. Check that your AirPlay-compatible devices are on. … [6 Solutions] AirPlay Mirroring Not Working Solutions to Fix Apple TV Not Mirroring 1. Check the AirPlay Device. This could sound silly but it can be easy to skip such small things from mind. Hence, the 2. Reboot the Device. If you have checked if AirPlay is turned on, the next thing you need to do is rebooting. So, when 3. Check both How to Fix iPhone Screen Mirroring Not Working - iTipBox

Jan 14, 2020

To see if the feature has been enabled for your model please see Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit Release Information Make sure that your TV's firmware is up to date. To do this press the Menu button on your VIZIO remote and select System > Check for Updates. Connect Apple TV and MacBook to the same Wi-Fi network. Disable/Enable Airplay several times. Restart MacBook and Apple TV. Reboot Wi-Fi Modem/Router. Disable Bluetooth on Mac. Not to mention, but don’t try to Airplay more than one device at the same time. Update Apple TV and MacBook. A software update can eliminate half of our issues. Jan 19, 2018 · Step 3 If there is no audio mirroring Mac computer or laptop to Apple TV, go to System Preferences > Sound > Output and select Apple TV for AirPlay. If your Mac won't let you select Apple TV as the output source, hold the Command key down while clicking Apple TV. Step 4 Open Terminal, enter: sudo killall coreaudiod.

An app stops working. Just like with your smartphone, things can go awry with apps on Apple TV. … How to Fix Apple TV Sound Not Working - Tenorshare Mar 29, 2020