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Which of the following services use TCP? 1. DHCP 2. SMTP 3. HTTP 4. TFTP 5. FTP a) 1 and 2 b) 2, 3 and 5 c) 1, 2 and 4 d) 1, 3 and 4 Descubridor de puertos TCP UDP online - Mirada y búsqueda de puertos TCP UDP gratis online. Entre el número del puerto o nombre del servicio y reciba toda la información sobre el puerto o los puertos presentes UDP TCP. Entre puertos de modo rápido con el descubridor de puertos TCP UDP. UDP and TCP, two ways of sending traffic - Homenet Howto Many programs might use both UDP and TCP for different types of traffic. For example, a lot of online computer games could use TCP for player logins and a lot of other features but might use UDP to transfer live continuous events in the game world between the player and the servers. Most programs that you use on a daily basis will utilise TCP. Service overview and network port requirements for Windows

Overview of common TCP and UDP Default Ports

TCP/UDP Port - Elenco di tutte le porte TCP e UDP e dei TCP/UDP Port Elenco di tutte le porte TCP e UDP e dei relativi servizi. codice colori delle voci della tabella. TCP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)—used for e-mail routing between mail servers: Official: 34: TCP: UDP: Remote File (RF)—used to transfer files between machines: Unofficial: 35: TCP: UDP: Well known SCTP, TCP and UDP ports, 0 through 999 Port Transport Protocol; 100 : 101: TCP: HOSTNAME.: 102: TCP: TP0 over TCP.: 103: TCP, UDP: Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net. 104 : ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300

As UDP is fast and stateless it is the most suitable protocol and thus,it is used in DNS querying . SMTP needs reliability and thus,uses TCP. This solution is contributed by Shashank Shanker khare //..// DNS uses UDP. HTTP, Telnet and SMTP uses TCP. Thus, C is the correct choice.

Which SMTP Port Should I Use? Understanding Ports 25, 465 Jun 11, 2020 Overview of common TCP and UDP Default Ports The versatility of these TCP and UDP ports available enables you to select the most appropriate one for your task according to your requirement. Following are some of the common TCP and UDP default ports. SMTP - 25. SMTP is known as the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is associated with the TCP … Using PortQry to Check TCP/UDP Open Ports (Port Scanner Jun 17, 2020 POP 3 UDP or TCP which is it? — TechExams Community