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(remember, Ubuntu Studio is Ubuntu!) Via Chat and Instant Messaging Please note: The real-time nature of chat and instant messaging means it is usually the fastest way to get help, but also that you might have to stick around for a while until someone is able to answer your question (perhaps even hours!). May 09, 2020 · ආසාවට Windows 10 තිබුන ලැප් එකට වෙනම Partition එකක් හදල උබුන්ටු දැම්මා. හැබැයි මගෙ අතින් මොකක් හරි වැරුද්දක් වෙලා LEGaCy mode ගියාම Windows 10 වලට එනව UEFI mode ගියාම ubuntu load වෙනව. මට මේ Mar 05, 2020 · Ubuntu Forums. Ubuntu Forums has many sections divided as per the categories and the nature of the content. If you are a newcomer, we recommend to use Absolute Beginners Section. If you are an average/advanced user, you can use Ubuntu General Support. What is Kubuntu Forums? We are, of course, a Kubuntu Linux Support Forum. But we are also much more. Established 2005-07-17, Kubuntu Forums was the idea made real by our host, Open Source.

News and alerts about Ubuntu MATE, plus community forum updates. 66. Support & Help Requests. Need assistance with Ubuntu MATE or the MATE Desktop? 6871. Thoughts & Feedback. Post your thoughts and comments about the distribution. 629. Development Discussion.

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