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Step 2: Register the computer in DNS. Open a command prompt as administrator. Type IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS and hit Enter. Within moments the PC will be reachable by ping. Note that you may need to do an IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS on other computers trying to reach the originally affected computer. Windows: Only register primary IP Address in DNS But when you add the additional IP Address with the GUI, both addresses where registered in DNS. This is not what we want 🙁 Solution is to add the IP Address by the netsh command. netsh supports the skipassource option, which prevents Windows to use this address for outgoing connections and from registering the IP Address in DNS. 9 Windows DNS mistakes to avoid - TechGenix

When you reregister DNS, Windows Vista attempts to refresh all current DHCP leases and then performs a lookup on each DNS entry in the resolver cache. By looking up each host or IP address again, the entries are renewed and reregistered in the resolver cache. You'll generally want to flush the cache completely and allow the computer to perform

Win8.1 might be workable using the metric settings, but with Win10, this won't help anyway - so if you ineed the DNS to go to the tunnel, use block-outside-dns. Also, 2.4 will use the interactive service to run "registerdns" with full admin rights, so the original ticket subject is also resolved, I think. Windows 7 not registering reverse look up (PTR

Windows 10 gets DNS over HTTPS support, how to test May 13, 2020