Sep 01, 2016 · Hi, this video shows you how to connect your Xbox One controller to a Windows 10 laptop using both USB cables and the Xbox Wireless adapter for Windows. It is ideal if you don't want to use keys

How to update your Xbox One controller - Business Insider If your controller is wireless, connect it to your PC by using a USB cable or the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. 3. With the Xbox Accessories app open, if a controller update is required, a How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Mac Computer Jan 01, 2016 How to connect an Xbox One controller to a PC

ANSWERED: wireless xbox 360 controller on win10 without

Since your Windows 10 PC doesn't have Bluetooth (the Xbox Wireless isn't built in), then you would either need to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC via the cable and update it, or you also have the option to use an Xbox Wireless Adapter (it looks like a flash drive) for Windows to allow for wireless play. If your Xbox one controller is wireless, plug your USB charging cable into the front of your controller. The other end must be plugged into the correct USB port of your PC. Windows will automatically install Xbox One Controller driver for you. So then you can easily Connect Xbox One Controller to PC. Method 3: Via Wireless Adapter – Xbox Support loading

In order to use Xbox Wireless, you either need an Xbox Wireless adapter plugged into your PC or you need a laptop that specifically has built-in support for that proprietary protocol, and the only laptop I'm aware of that includes that is the 15" Microsoft Surface Book 2.

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