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So you can use VPN Tracker 8 for Yosemite, as well as the VPN Tracker 365 client for OS X El Capitan with your VPN Tracker 365 plan. I recently bought VPN Tracker 8, will I get VPN Tracker 365? All customers that purchased VPN Tracker 8 after June 1st, 2015, will receive 12 months of VPN Tracker 365 for free, starting October 1st. AppNote: Interoperation Guide - VPN Tracker and NBM 3.8.4 The VPN Tracker client on the MAC OS can interoperate with the NBM 3.8.4 VPN server in the PSK mode, XAUTH-PSK mode, and Certificate mode of authentication. The setup shown in Figure 1 is successfully demonstrated in this AppNote for PSK, XAUTH, and certificate modes of connection. VPN Tracker 4.x Personal Edition VPN Tracker Personal Edition is the simplified VPN solution for anyone who needs to secure one single network connection, for example between a home computer and an office network or remote computer. This single connection can be between two hosts (e.g. connecting to another Mac running VPN Tracker), or between a host and a network (e.g Review: VPN Tracker 5.2 | Macworld

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May 14, 2020

VPN Tracker 365 for Mac - Free download and software With version 4.8 you can have a minimal "easy VPN" configuration set up in the CISCO router and use VPN Tracker on your MacBook to get to your remote network securely.