They Say Government Mind Control Is Real—and That They’re

Government control over the internet. The government should not be controlling what I do on the internet. I think they should only control a persons internet data if the reason to believe that that person is a threat to our nation. But not many people are a threat. … Who Controls The Internet? US Government Hands Over The U.S. federal government has handed over control of the internet to ICANN despite push back from Republican lawmakers. Google Tag Manager Jul 20, 9:43 PM EDT Net Neutrality Is about Government Control of the Internet May 12, 2017

A bill in Venezuela seeks to give the government absolute

Jun 18, 2018

The Role of Government - Paths to our Digital Future Report

Government Control over Public Documents on the Internet Government control over public documents on the Internet should therefore be geared towards ensuring that all concerned persons adequately benefit from the numerous benefits associated with documents on the Internet. On the other hand, the internet has been utilized in causing harm and degrading the societal values and norms. Hot Topic: 11 Pros and Cons of Internet Regulation Downside Regulating the Internet would automatically mean restricting the flow of information, as well as its exchange. It would suppress people from being communicative and expressive, changing the way information is dealt with over the Internet. Information would be withheld from the public and not freely available as it is currently. The information we access is invaluable, and for a policy