Do you need to use the Play Store without a Google Account? Here is the quick and easy guide to do this using AuroraOSS, The best alternative to Play Store, for free on Android Smartphones. It is now very possible, to access the Google Play Store without having or creating an account, you also do not need a Gmail. There are many smartphones on the market that use the Android operating system

How to find your Google Play account name and developer What is my Google Play account name and URL? Your Google Play developer account name is the name you provided Google to display on the Play Store for your app(s). The name would have been provided in Step 7 of our article on how to create your Google Developer account here. The URL is specific to your developer account and will take you Create a Google Wallet Merchant Center Account Create and link to a Google Wallet Merchant Center account. NOTE: You need to do all three to sell your app on Google Play. To create a Google Wallet Merchant Center account: Sign in to your Google Play Developer Console. From the side menu, click Reports. From the left menu, click Financial Reports. Click set up a merchant account now. Sign-in in Play Store – Mobincube Jul 02, 2020 Create Google Play Store Account Without Gmail

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Dec 06, 2016 Create a Google Play Developer Account – Help Center

How To Delete Google Play Store Account from Android Phone

How To Create Google Play Account Free Download In (2020) How To Create Google Play Account. Create Google Play Account Get your app on the play store app google to let Android users download and use your app on their mobile apps and tablets.In order to submit your app to Google Play, you must first create a google play console account in your device.. Note: Google Play charges a $27 one-time developer fee.To set up your Google Play account: Create a Google Merchant account – AppMachine Help Center